24 November 2011

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3 June 2011

Goodbye (For now) from The Graske's Corner

Due to Events which have happened during today and yesterday i am forced to Close this blog, for a while, im not sure how long, but for a while, it probably wont be missed and argue if you will im letting these people win. Im not letting them win. I feel forced to do this, as everywhere i go, everywhere i talk, i am contradicted. Here is one of the few reasons why.

  • Every week i create a review, which i release within minutes of the episode airing, i write down the events as it happens, yes you may not call it a review if i dont judge the aspects of the episode, instead of write the episodes events. But honestly, what do people expect if i do it within minutes, People have been happy with it, until Saturday, from which i had to go off to London, and was in a hurry and packing, so i didn't note it all down on which happen and certain sections didn't make sense.
  • When i returned on Sunday night i was taunted by messages about the review, sarky remarks about people "loving" them. Which i knew wasn't actually true. I ignored it and went to bed. The next morning i looked on some "Friends" Blogs chats, and noticed some messages which didn't shock me judging by what i'd heard last night, and honestly, it really did annoy me. I was then later confronted by some people from which i wouldn't like to describe in detail, but i would say, it felt like being bullied, then Ganged by people who was "Bit*hing" about me the previous day.

  • EternalDalek: We don't bully people lol - Judging by what im about to post in the conversation from this user, i find what he just said there lying.
The messages include things like me being lower than an annoying Anon chat user, that there not worth reading, and several things along those lines, so because of this, i am no longer posting on here for a while. And until this Damage resolved, it will remain like this, like they want :(

Please however note it is not Just EternalDalek, many others aswell, but until then,


28 May 2011

Doctor Who The Almost People Full Review!

As usual before the episode was a previously re capping all aspects that are neccessary towards this episode from the last. Be warned this episode has huge spoilers!


It all started off with the doctor screaming, we hear tom baker shout, david tennant shout, all coming from matt smiths mouth, the clone doctor is screaming struggling with pain trying to come to term with a clone and regeneration


Bangs come from the door, the clones try to break in, but suddenly stop. they turn away, the doctor mentions Cyber Mats, is this a clue? Acid suddenly then starts to leak away, the doctor and the clone doctor have a little bit of banter and get cracking, you can identify the difference between them by the shoes, Amy notes this. They find an escape route. The Gangers break though but they manage to escape before being captured. Jennifer is now walking down a dark alley but if being followed by Rory. Acid is firring out of pipes, They soon start to choke on the Acid which is reacting with the Stone. One of the Gangers is now frequently having head aches. It is now Midnight. The bell strikes 12 times.

The Eyes are the last to go, Jennifer quotes, The Gangers want to reach out to others, apparently there are thousands of Gangers in India. They all gang up together, Jennifer has a plan, and it will apparently destroy them all. A little quote about the TARDIS being sexy is added. Amy then says she doesn't want to be called "Pond" by the Clone Doctor.

Power suddenly then starts up, they then send out a distress signal, and it will apparently be here as soon as possible, Amy then says that there will only be 1. A hatch suddenly opens, the eye-patch lady suddenly remembers, The Ganger doctor then says its in his head, The ganger doctor then leaves, and Amy follows him, He then attacks Amy, grabs her by the neck.

Rory is now walking down an alley, he hears Jenny shouting out for her. There is 2 Jenny's, one of the claims to be the real one, however one of them gets pushed into Acid by the other, it melts into a pile of Flesh. However this Jenny doesnt limp, it is a Ganger, and the really Jenny was the one who melted. The Ganger doctor and Buzzer then set off in search for Rory and Jenny.

Rory then thinks hes helping Jenny, however he is actually working for the ganger getting a Human ID, Rising the Temperature. The Gangers then intercept the signal and arrange for them to be collected from the courtyard.

Jenny is found dead by the doctor in the courtyard. The Clone Doctor and buzzer need to find Rory, however buzzer knocks out the clone doctor. Buzzer then heards The ganger Jenny say "im here, i know it hurts". Jennys mouth suddenly widens and eats up Buzzer in 1 whole go.

Rory then leads the Gang into a tunnel. they are trapped, and its about to explode. Rory is now with the gangers, a big argument happens and they all turn on Jenny. Jenny then runs off. Acid then hits one of the real versions of himself, and the Ganger lets them out, it is very emotional, they all set off to get out, however the clone Jenny is rabid and starts to attack. The Clone doctor then stays. However we dont see him die. They all leave in the TARDIS, but leave the clone doctor and Miranda behind.

However before they left the clone doctor told Amy "Push, but only when she tells you to".

They all drop each over off. Amy Then suddenly starts to have contractions. The Doctor then orders Rory to stand away from Rory. The Doctor then reveals that it wasn't an accident that they went to that place. It was also a clone version of Amy Pond and has been for a while. Amy pond is now in a confined space, the woman opens a hatch, it is the eye patch Lady. Amy's midwife, she was an evil look on her face, and orders Amy to push, she does, and screams!


26 May 2011

The Almost People News and A Good man goes to War

It has been revealed by the cast and crew that a cliffhanger at the end of episode 6 will feature a true game changer, 'an ending to end all endings' as Arthur Darvill (Rory) put it. According to the cast it will launch us into A Good Man Goes To War, the first part of the mid-series finale.

Also, regarding the Doctor's double that was revealed at the end of The Rebel Flesh here is a clip from the one show with Matt talking about how it was pretending to talk to his clone and a new clip from The Almost People with the two Doctor's! A new clip from The Almost People is at 4:45 in the video link.

21 May 2011

Doctor Who The Rebel Flesh Full Review


It starts off with a shot zooming into a castle, mysterious figures in suits walk down the alley, one of them shouts "lights". A tunnel then opens, they set off to work and lift up a hatch, she then scans the liquid acid. She then pushes someone into the liquid by mistake, he then burns up in the water, they then walk down the alley and see the guy who has just died, he instructed them to make sure it was listed as an accident, then they cut to the acid where you see the mans face burn away.


Super massive black hole is playing throughout the TARDIS, Amy and Rory are playing darts and are arguing about the score, the doctor then asks if they want fish and chips. They then hit a solar tsunami, the TARDIS then goes out of control, and skids off to a planet which resembles and IS earth, the doctor then instructs them to assume crash landing position. They then exit the TARDIS, and you can hear Dusty Springfield playing. They then investigate a corrosive Acid. Rory then mentions his mother was a fan of Dusty, The doctor then investigates and sets of an alarm, they then go inside and see loads of apparent Almost people on test samples at the back. They then have 2 people come, they ask the doctor who he is. They then scans them for bugs, then he asks to see they're critical systems, and they seem to know which one he is talking about. It seems like the doctor was actually meant to come hear, they then tell them they are Flesh, a hidden thing made by the government, they then compare themselves to moss. The doctor then says the machine was sort of scanning him, and he cant control his hand, it seems to be touching the acid. Jennifer is then at some machinery, and she starts to create a dopple-ganger version of herself.

The Flesh then starts to form a body from the liquid, it is Jennifer, the alarm then sets off, the doctor then warns them to prepare for it, they ignore his warning, and he goes to check the status of the tsunami, the sky then fills up with yellow and orange flames. they then all stand witness and suddenly the gangers break free from the actual people, acid sprays everywhere, out of the popes, and the TARDIS suddenly starts to sink underground, and then the doctor is climbing up a tower, and is flung off it. It all suddenly turns dark, and Amy and Rory are on the floor, and then say "Owwww!". They then think they was unconscious for 1 hour. They then say the Gangers have apparently just turned into flesh, but the doctor then hears the records playing, the Gangers are free from they're host. The Storm seems to have separated them from they're lives, Jennifer then feels a bit funny, and says she needs the restroom, then leaves. It then cuts to rory in the bathroom, Jennifer suddenly spits part of her face off, and it for a second turns to a malformed face. Rory is then punched, and Jennifer comes through a hatch, he face appears to be attached to some sort of snake, and Rory leaves, it is then revealed that the Top boss is actually a Ganger, and cant be stable. She runs off and screams.

Rory is then investigating looking around the castle, he comes across some corrosive acid on the floor, Jennifer (Ganger) then shouts out for Rory, the doctor is then asked by Amy what he actually knows about the Flesh, and he says that he can fix it, and runs off. Amy then runs off on her own, in search for Rory, 2 more people go on search for there own ganger, when Rory suddenly comes across Jennifer in the Castle Gym. She says when she was a little girl, she was injured, and that she wishes she was a stronger Jennifer that would lead her home. She then states she noticed Rory's nice, kind eyes when they first came. She then slaps herself, and her skin becomes more human, and she asks Rory for help. The Doctor then goes back to the acid, and scans it, he then leaves to see the TARDIS, and it is stuck 90% underground, and the doctor has to take his shoes off as they get covered in Acid. All of the remaining Gangers (excluding Jennifer) then meet up in the central control room, and state they have the better advantage. Jennifer then kisses Rory, and says Amy is a lucky girl, then a mysterious figure in the shadows crepes out of the corner and runs away. Amy then goes in search for Rory and looks at the wall, and sees the Eye-Patch lady. The doctor then goes in search for the Gangers and he asks them to follow him, they do and they follow him to the others, then the boss of the investigation is annoyed with the doctor, and she is planning a plot against the Doctor.

The Gangers both talk to each other, comparing memories, talking together, and the doctor gets some new shoes, he then does a really bad Yorkshire accent, She then brings a weapon against them, 40 thousand volts weapons, and she wants to destroy them. Miranda (the head) then kills one of the Gangers, who the doctor then states they have hearts, and they all run away from them. Rory then dives and destroys the weapons. They then state it is only "Us and Them". Jennifer then states it is time to go to war, and Jennifer does out to kill the real version of herself, who is now hopping in the castles rooms, and a voice with a hand "Trust me", which is a clone version of the doctor, Jennifer is then shouted by Rory, Rory then runs off to get Jennifer, while the rest are inside the room, being hunted by Gangers. They then see the Clone of the Doctor. "Trust me, im the Doctor"


Tenth Doctor: The Musical

Paul Davies makes Life size Dalek

Doctor Who enthusiast Paul Davis, 39, spent three months building the 5ft 6in (1.7m) alien.

He worked full-time on the project during a break from his role in the Merchant Navy.

The red structure is moulded from fibre glass. Mr Davis got the design from a Doctor Who fan site on the internet.

It comes complete with gripping claw and a water-firing gun.

The Dalek is driven from inside and has 10 pre-recorded phrases, including the famous "Exterminate!"

Mr Davis said he was inspired to build it after watching a Doctor Who film.

He said "I was watching the Peter Cushing movie at the time and I thought 'I wonder if you could build one of those'."

His mother, Val Davis, said she was not surprised at her son's latest hobby.

"I wasn't really shocked because he's always had crazy ideas and I thought it's just another one of his crazy ideas," she said.

Doctor Who The Doctors Wife Pop up Console Room

Thanks to Mike Daws

20 May 2011

Eleventh Dimension (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who The Doctors Wife - Nephew Fan art

Thanks to thedoctorwho07

Fan Art from Emzie! #2

Hey guys Emzie here again! Here is another piece of Fanart made by me to enjoy!

This is another picspam! its contains as you can quite clearly see the 10 and 11th doctors!

Fan Art from Emzie! #1

Hey guys! Emzie here from adwdesigns im the fan art poster. Well my fan art mostly unless i am asked to post other art work :) The 1st of my designs is below!
This is called a picspam! all i have done is coloured it! as you know these pictures are screencaps from The Curse Of the Black Spot.

More designs will follow.

19 May 2011

Doctor Who Analysis Lessons!

I Was meant to post this earlier on in the week, however i forgot and got reminded today.

A Good Man Goes To War - BBC Synopsis

Episode 7 BBC official synopsis - A Good Man Goes To War

The BBC have released the synopsis for the first episode of what is going to be a gripping mid-series finale. Previously named 'Demons Run', the first part of the episode will be concluded when the series returns 3 months later for the second half of Series 6.

Who know's what the episode may hold?! Oh wait, we do! Here's the official BBC synopsis released today:

Amy Pond has been kidnapped and the Doctor is raising an army to rescue her as the drama continues. But as he and Rory race across galaxies, calling in long-held debts and solemnly given promises, his enemies are laying a carefully concealed trap.In her cell in Stormcage, River Song sadly acknowledges that the time has come at last – today will mark the Battle of Demons Run and the Doctor’s darkest hour. Both sides will make their sacrifices and River Song must finally reveal her most closely guarded secret to the Doctor.

So, it seems we will be finding out the identity of River Song in this 2 part episode, seeing the Doctor's darkest hour and more importantly begin speculating for three months about what's going to happen next!

Source BBC DW

Doctor Who Insider Complete Collection

Doctor The Impossible Astronaut Most Recorded TV show Ever!

The first episode of this year's Doctor Who, The Impossible Astronaut, was the most recorded TV event of all time, according to Kantar Media.

An analysis of BARB data shows that record-breaking numbers of viewers recorded the programme. A total of 8.9 million viewers watched the programme, making it the sixth most viewed show of the week.

Within that figure, 4.1 million viewers chose to time-shift the show by watching a recording of the show either later that day or in the following week.

The figure easily beat the previous record holder, the 2010 Christmas day episode of Come Fly With Me. Other shows likely to have viewers reaching for the record button to ensure they are not missed include reality TV shows like The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, along with comedy favourites like The Royle Family, according to Kantar.

Dalia Gereis, commercial director at Kantar Media Audiences, said: "With the continued growth of hard drive recording devices like Sky+, it's no surprise that all the episodes of these top 10 recorded shows come from the last three years.

"Increasingly viewers are using their own 'time travel' abilities to watch TV shows when they want them - this particularly applies to dramas and 'must see' reality shows. Given that these figures do not include data from online catch up services like BBC iPlayer and ITVplayer, it is clear that judging a show's performance just by looking at it's overnight viewing figures is unlikely to give the full picture."

Matt Smith on Script to screen

300th Post! The Graske's Corner!

Well... We've done it 300 posts... We officially opened on the 1st January 2011, and we've currently got 26 followers and over 400 (usual) Daily stats a day, and what a time to mention, we have a new news poster, I wont address his name until i get his actual blogger name but, he's here! and rareing to do some posting!


1) Every week a Doctor Who Episode airs we have a review out within the first 10 minutes! FULL HARD CORE, REVIEW, FULL OF SPOILERS! (well... spoilers if you haven't seen it yet)

2) we are looking for more blog posters, who will post news daily for us.

3) Enjoy our re-design!

Doctor Who The Rebel Flesh Video Preview 3

18 May 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day Promotional Image

Made By Emzie

Doctor Who Demons Run Promo

Thanks to BowTiesAreCool

Doctor Who The Doctor's Wife Unreleased Music

Doctor Who Ringtone Blog Hunt!

As part of our dramatic, Basic, simple yet effective re-design, i've set a challenge.... somewhere on this blog is... A link, its randomly put in there, it links to exclusive ringtones from The Doctor's Wife. it could be anywhere, a word randomly tagged in a post, at the side, down at the bottom, even on one of our other pages, you'll just have to go and look....

Doctor Who Forbidden Planet: The Master & TARDIS

Forbidden Planet have announced yet another exclusive figure, this one the Master with his TARDIS, some things i have to clear up, the TARDIS doesn't open, and its the same one from the Axon Pack.

Doctor Who Series 6 Wave 1 Confirmed!

Updated! I have emailed Character Options, who make the figures, and asked why Amelia is in a series 6 wave, they said "at the current time, we cannot disclose this information".

Surely there must be a reason, we've seen Amelia with a Young **** On set, could this mean shes going to be in it before the 22nd June, the wave 1's release date? i wonder....