3 June 2011

Goodbye (For now) from The Graske's Corner

Due to Events which have happened during today and yesterday i am forced to Close this blog, for a while, im not sure how long, but for a while, it probably wont be missed and argue if you will im letting these people win. Im not letting them win. I feel forced to do this, as everywhere i go, everywhere i talk, i am contradicted. Here is one of the few reasons why.

  • Every week i create a review, which i release within minutes of the episode airing, i write down the events as it happens, yes you may not call it a review if i dont judge the aspects of the episode, instead of write the episodes events. But honestly, what do people expect if i do it within minutes, People have been happy with it, until Saturday, from which i had to go off to London, and was in a hurry and packing, so i didn't note it all down on which happen and certain sections didn't make sense.
  • When i returned on Sunday night i was taunted by messages about the review, sarky remarks about people "loving" them. Which i knew wasn't actually true. I ignored it and went to bed. The next morning i looked on some "Friends" Blogs chats, and noticed some messages which didn't shock me judging by what i'd heard last night, and honestly, it really did annoy me. I was then later confronted by some people from which i wouldn't like to describe in detail, but i would say, it felt like being bullied, then Ganged by people who was "Bit*hing" about me the previous day.

  • EternalDalek: We don't bully people lol - Judging by what im about to post in the conversation from this user, i find what he just said there lying.
The messages include things like me being lower than an annoying Anon chat user, that there not worth reading, and several things along those lines, so because of this, i am no longer posting on here for a while. And until this Damage resolved, it will remain like this, like they want :(

Please however note it is not Just EternalDalek, many others aswell, but until then,



  1. you learn to live with it all, some ppl dont like my posts, but more do than dont! and 12 hours later they have forgotten anyhow!

  2. Maybe. Although you have support from others, here the stats aren't delivering well either, only about 500 a day.

  3. 500 a day is a start for a relatively new site. I suggest you ignore these commenters and continue posting.

  4. Yeah, trolls are all over on the internet. It's an occupational risk. If you aren't at some level writing this for yourself, you will always be disappointed. I advise keeping it up.

  5. you shouldn't give in. I liked your site, I had internet problems sadly and was unable to see what was going on at the time.

  6. Internet, serious business!